Shoe! Go Away!

Thought for the Day:

Accept yourself
so deeply
that you are not afraid to let go
of what is not you.
Ivan M. Granger

“I have let go of what is not me. Therefore, I have nothing.” Oh, how I wish I could live up to that statement. Unfortunately, I am like Maxine, a cranky old broad on the spiritual path. “I am that” could be pointing to her! I call the first two months of the year Janu-weary and Febu-ugly. And they can be interchanged—fancy that! Janu-ugly and Febu-weary. In these months I do nothing more than regret what I have just done. For I find myself indulging in eating stale cookies, leftovers of any description and heaps of anything that happens to be called “food.”

Yesterday I had cabin fever. I drug myself to Macy’s and found myself in the Shoe Department. (Remember yourself, always and everywhere, especially in the Shoe Department). The sales clerk was friendly and a blonde woman visiting from Florida and I were both looking at boots. I am not a boot person, frankly, but I get desperate in January. Soon my new friend was telling me how cute such and such a pair of boots were. She bought a pair and left and I found myself buying TWO. Once home, I emerged from the Dream of Boots. I will return them tomorrow.

What does this have to do with spirituality? Nothing. This is exactly what qualifies me to be a spiritual writer. Um hum, you may be saying. She wrote a BOOK about spirituality. Hmmmph. Don’t guess I’ll read that! I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t read it either. I don’t care how spiritual you are, women should never wander in the shoe department because they are bored. For you true spiritual students reading this, I will throw you a crumb. Vernon Howard had a reason for calling it the Malicious Mall. Now leave me alone or I will throw a boot at you! And another one to boot 🙂

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  1. We can even walk in somebody’s shoes for a while but it cannot be a permanent affair. Life allows anyhow such silliness to a serious player but is not his birthright. As Vernon implies one who leaves the stage as a fool has probably made better groundwork for immortality. Sure,the ego is here on lesser staggering grouds. Still,in howmany shapes and disguises the old fool can reappear! As a guide,philosopher and whatnot! Was Gurjieff always playing the outer theatre or was it a weakness of the soul? Buddha we can believe because he was free from inner contradictions.Christ of course,as we cannot doubt sacrifice.Shoes are many and they are good for all seasons.One can also walk without shoes.


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