As I wind up the last days of 2011 I get more and more honest. This Christmas season has left everyone “screwed, blued and tattooed.” There is nothing merry about having to endure the endless ads and commercials for weeks. Being on the path is Christmas every day. We have to get up out of the manger and begin our mission again every morning. Sharon Annable has a great essay on that on her Facebook Page today.

Posted by Sharon Annable on Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birth and rebirth require cleaning up the afterbirth. That sounds gross, doesn’t it? No one talks about that. Women are bred to let the baby come into the world and cover up the evidence that more is required. My first child had colic for two and a half months. Nothing beatific about that vision. I wore curdled clothes for months.

Oh, well, I am over any fantasies about anything, including enlightenment.

Join me in 2012 as I cast aside the swaddling clothes, walk on the water of what is and get stoned on a regular basis. (No, not THAT kind of stoned 😉 Everyone has a good juicy plot to live. Why not get a journal and begin making notes?

This business of honest communication can only be done on paper. Don’t try this at home! If I cast the pearls of truth among those at an Open House, they would cast me out. I just drink punch and stuff dessert in my mouth so not too much honesty will leak out. But here, I am among friends. I can trot out Swami Z in all his glory and not be called a nutcase. He just wandered in fingering his few strands of hair. He said to tell you “Pfffffffft.” I told him to take a number. I just love fantasy. It’s almost as good as Christmas.


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