Being A Sensitive

Being a sensitive, December 26 is a difficult day. All of the fatigue and depression of the planet comes down like a blanket of heavy wet snow. I have felt this since I was a child. Everyone is creeping around feeling the inevitable affects of the post-Christmas letdown. There is nothing to do but let it pass.

I have so much to do, but today is not the day to do it. I long to clean up every last shred of evidence, but that would feel too Grinchy. So on the counter are goodies galore; there is an old wooden bread board filled to the brim with stocking chocolates waiting to be transported directly to my hips. They won’t have long to wait. My resolution now is to eat them slowly, but I am not of that disposition.

Where is spirituality in all of this excess? It is in the knowing what excess is and how one ultimately knows the uselessness of it. I told my son not to get me candy this year and so it seems to be raining from the sky! Kisses, peanut butter cups, marzipan, boxed chocolates, sugared pecans, candied popcorn….My own buddha belly is inevitable. The buddha is certain to have cavities.

I hope all of you take some time today to remember yourself. Feel free to come to terms with your own excess and the affects it has on you. Feel the guilt that you didn’t get someone “enough.” Grieve your losses consciously. Know that January is a p—-er of a month and you need to begin gathering energy to bear it. I would say Happy New Year, but Merry Christmas is still pressing on my cortex. Ouch.

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