In the Guru's Hands

Everything is in the hands of the guru; we just don’t know it or believe it. I am working on *a manuscript that consists of spiritual essays. As we all know, spiritual essays don’t sell unless they are in the hands of the guru. I know that for one reason. My own hands are split into left and right, success and failure, can and can’t. They are dividing machines. Only the hands of wisdom can hold one’s hopes and dreams and give them back to us rendered purer than they were before.

Life is about reuniting the opposites, letting ourselves be held in hope and love. Unlearned lessons on this subject keep recurring and each time, they are saying, “Give yourself to me and I will heal you.” And we don’t do it.

When my daughter died, she passed from my hands into the hands of God. I didn’t like that arrangement, not at all. For it meant I would no longer shop for pink dresses or have her children to hold when I grew older. It meant a hopeless feeling of empty arms. And yet the guru was holding us both in hands of love.

Life went on and my husband passed into the guru’s hands. She had held him through almost five years of pain and now she is holding him on high. His hands can no longer rub my back or open a door for me, unless it is into higher worlds.

He came to me in a dream recently and let me know that I was doing fine, spiritually speaking. He wanted me to be less passive toward life and so I am going to share my message freely from this point on with whoever wants it. It is so simple. Everything is in the hands of God. Everything given to God is returned to us on a higher plane. When I am reunited with my lost loves, we will not recognize each other for our beauty.

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