The Only Difference

An online friend and I have discussions about our solitary lifestyles. Although she is married with two sons, she essentially lives a private life with them. I have always followed the same path. For one thing, the spiritual path is a demanding life. The farther you go, the steeper the incline gets and most people have dropped out along the way. If you are already grumbling, don’t read any further. I am not asking for people to chime in with comments about what an antisocial jerk I am.Trust me 🙂

Keep reading and I will let you in on a little secret. I am clairsentient. I read people’s energy fields naturally and instantly. I don’t do this for money. I do this automatically for my own sake. The reason why I keep to myself is that most people don’t vibrate on my wavelength. I don’t necessarily think it is superior; it is what it is.

My friend with whom I have the discussions emailed and said she had found me a massage therapist in the city where I live. She did not have my mailing address and I was amazed. She had found a woman whose office is mere minutes away! Not only that, but she and I clicked instantly. Don’t tell me it was just an accident. No, the wavelength thingie works. I just had my second massage from her and she is professional from tip to toe. Good character, ethical and all that.

I seldom have people in my house. I have been meditating, healing, etc. in it for many years now. It is a true haven for me. Why would I want to ruin it with bad company? And as Vernon Howard used to say, in so many words, if you’re not trying to wake up, you’re a lost soul. And most people are not trying to wake up.

So there you have it, my insight about why I keep to myself. My clairsentience tells me I am better off alone than with people who are still firmly stuck in the dream. Vernon made this pithy comment: “The only difference in sleeping people is how they snore.” 🙂

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