A Guru's Guide To The Galaxy

I dreamt that Swami Z took me out beyond Planet Earth just for the night. I had to fall asleep first; that was a prerequisite. But then I awoke to another level, where it was all magical.Swami nudged me out of my body gently by rapping on my little round head. I popped out easily and we were off!

“The first thing I want to do is see Wynken, Blynken and Nod’s little ship,” I said, reverting easily to my childhood essence.

“Sure, anything you want, Vicki. We can even get pizza after we get back home. This is your night.” He pointed upwards and right overhead was their wee little trundle bed sailing so happily on a sea of stars.

“Oh, it’s just like I thought it would be,” I said, shivering ecstatically. “Can I see the cow jump over the moon?”

Swami just grinned happily. “Look down, because we are above the moon right now.” He was right; I was over the moon with happiness. I looked down and saw a gentle brown cow just clearing the surface of the moon. So it was all true!

Swami and I floated around the cosmos for what seemed like days; in reality I don’t know how long we were “somewhere out there.”

“Is the moon really made out of green cheese?” I asked him as we swung through the rings of Saturn.

“It sure is,” he said. “Wanna go get a bite?”

“You betcha,” I said. Soon we had made a moon landing and were happily eating dainty samples of green cheese being handed out at The Swiss Colony Store at the Moon Mall.

When the stars begin to go out one by one, I knew it was time to go home. I had one last question I wanted to ask Swami. I looked up at him with awe that he could have the power to take me on this galactic expedition so easily.

“I want to know if God loves me,” I said. “And does He know all about me?”

“He not only loves you,” Swami said majestically. He IS you. He is everything tied up with a bow. You can have it all. You can have your daydreams and your nightmare and your wisdom and your foolishness. You can have your suffering and your silliness, your loves and your hates, your wonder and your despair.It all belongs to you.”

I looked around the cosmos one last time. I thought I saw Santa Claus coming home from a test run of his sleigh. No, I know I saw him. Nothing is made up that hasn’t first happened on one level or another.

Life is good. We stopped at Domino’s and pigged out on cheesy pizzas that tasted almost as good as the moon. Now don’t tell anyone I wrote this. There is no scientific evidence that we are all God. None at all. But the last time I looked, there was no evidence to disprove it either.

Vicki Woodyard
Author, LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT—Order it now!

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