Life Is A Circle

I am getting some treatment for my neck with Ara, a young chiropractor. When I first began going to him, he was just starting his practice. That was a couple of years ago. I hadn’t been to a chiro before, but my doctor suggested an alternative remedy. Ara saw that I had an extra cervical rib, which limits the range of motion in my neck. I go in whenever I start losing too much mobility.

He has gotten married since I saw him last and we visited while he was putting me through some adjustments. He told me about his 92 year-old grandfather that had almost died recently. He was in the hospital, gravely ill. The family was gathered and according to Ara, he looked like death had its hand on him for sure. But suddenly his grandfather began to get his color back and his vitals improved. He got to go home. He told the family that “people on the other side” worked on him and said he had a few years left, and then he came back.

Ara said, “He wanted to stop by and get a treatment from me before he did anything else.” He got his phone and showed me this image. His grandfather is Armenian, he said, and lives with Ara’s mother. His wife is still alive, although frail. “She insisted on staying with him while he was in the hospital,” Ara said.

Today he said that his mother is very tuned in to the other side. “I asked not to have that gift this lifetime,” I said, but I am always being put in touch with people that are. They assure me that the spirit world is right alongside of us. I believe that. We are always commingling with them. Enjoy the beautiful image.


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