My Life Without Facebook

My life without Facebook is generic. No one is commenting on what I do or say. I am free to roam about the cabin freely unless the captain turns on the seatbelt sign. I always do what the captain says because believe you me, I have flown through some turbulence. Have used the bag in the seat in front of me, have had my ears pop and my stomach lurch when the plane suddenly descended. Is this a metaphor? You bet your sweet bippie.

I accidentally left out the “e” in plane and it read “when the plan suddenly descended.” The captain is in charge of my life’s plan. I am speaking now as the Vicki personality, built up strictly to keep her protected from life’s sudden descents. The captain is a metaphor for the oversoul, or the “I am” awareness. See how simple this all is when it’s written?

I am learning to ease into the third act of my life. It is so simple I can’t believe it. I know I have guides that are protecting me and yet I am still prone to complicate my life. How? By taking thought. I take way too much thought, as if I were a compulsive eater at a smorgasbord. “Shall I have seconds on worry? That envy looks tasty.” And soon I am shoveling emotions down like there was no tomorrow.

Every day the thought runs through my mind that I might as well put my dishes in the dishwasher now because no one is coming along behind me to do it. And that applies to every aspect of my life. No one is coming along to clean up behind me psychologically. If I litter my mind with worry, I am the one who has to clean it up. I do that by frequent emptying of the mental trash. I sit in silence and click on the icon “Empty Trash.” Amazing how quickly I reach my natural state of being.

There are few things I need or want that I cannot get. I don’t need or want much; that is the great secret. I have become a real author and the daily discipline of writing is something that feels very solid to me. I can trust what comes through my fingers. That is how I connect to the world and how it connects to me. I lead a generic life as a generic human being. I have to jump through the hoops of insurance payments, grocery lists, etc. That is called being a good householder. There is a certain satisfaction in that.

The only real joy to be had is in awareness of what is happening when it is happening. No comments are necessary. Everything can be lived instead of elived.

Vicki Woodyard

Author, LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT: That’s How The Light Gets In
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  1. I too have this great generic life, sleep, work, eat, dogs. No desire to travel, hoop and holler, cruise around, go to games, eat out. Totally un-American. Of course I did do a lot of that in the past but thank God the past is not here now. I am a couple hundred grand in debt and the wolves are closing in but it will be ok. The world’s thought system is a dinosaur and the comet has hit, the dinosaurs just don’t know it yet. Plus a great thing about being raised in the southern USA is that we have seen it all before, many many times. My Momma told me stories her Momma told her about Sherman. Pretty cool.


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