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Here is one of the great reviews my book has gotten. Please visit and read more. If you can order a copy or make a donation to the website, that would greatly help me stay in the writing business. I have to pay publication costs and for the maintenance of the site. Do a good deed. Help a writer today…it will be much appreciated. And talk the book up online if you have read it and liked it. Send me an email!

“I read Vicki’s book a couple of days ago – and I’m still thinking about it. It’s the sort of book that will stay with this reader for a long time. Vicki writes from the naked, beating heart of it all – and her honesty, fierce intelligence and humour combine with an absolute refusal to paper over the cracks. Life’s fullness – it’s harshness, its tenderness, its raw vibrancy – all are here. And resolutely embraced, even when it hurt. If you want to know what a warrior spirit is like, meet one in these pages. Highly recommended.” H. C. Starke

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