September 10, 2011

Dear Ones,
My book, LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT, has been out one year today. I am deeply pleased about finally bringing it into manifestation. It has gotten great reviews.

Scott Kiloby, Author of Reflections of the One Life, Love’s Quiet Revolution, and Living Realization, says: “This is good reading. It made me smile and laugh. The words are drenched with love and a sense of humor along with reverence and awe for the mystery of life. I recommend this book!”

Greg Goode, author of Standing As Awareness, says: “A close-to-the-bone book about love, death, loss, and…love. Heartbreakingly honest, brave and inspiring!”

John LeKay,, says “LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT is a must read for anyone interested in conscious suffering…written with brutal unflinching honesty, wit and wisdom and in the spirit of divine grace. This is the story of a brave woman’s journey of finding oneness in her own quiet inner voice.”

Word of mouth helps sell books and I am a tiny drop in the ocean of published books. If you can give my link to a friend, buy more than one copy, or if you have any other ideas to help me sell it, let me know. My little book will need some help in finding its way into the hands of those who will cherish it.

A first book is like a first baby: You want people to love it. Thank God I don’t have to feed it and burp it.

All reviews and comments appreciated. It’s been a year, perhaps since you read it. Any thing you’d like to add?

Comments welcomed....