The Darkest Night

Because I was in the darkest night I had to find the brightest light. My story is in my book, LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT. It’s been almost a year since it came out and it has found its way into individual hearts one book at a time. Word of mouth helps sell it; I am not a natural publicist and have no money alloted to hire one. Instead I write daily on Facebook and often here on the website.

I live an ordinary life steeped in awareness. I keep it simple and useful to me. Never mind saving the world. As Vernon Howard said, “You’ve tried that!” The Self is ever present and it is rooted in the real. I hope you find my words meaningful and nourishing.

If you are experiencing sadness or grief, just gently notice it and that you are unable to stop it. Let the tears flow; you will feel better. Be grateful that you have known love and one day we shall all know that we are Love itself.

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