Summer Donation Appeal

Gentle Readers,

I am in the process of finishing my second book, A GURU IN THE GUEST ROOM. I am a small writer and not a business person, as most of you know. Nevertheless, I have to pay for the website and for book publications costs. I end up losing money!

If anyone values the website and can see their way clear to donating a few dollars to help defray publication costs, I would appreciate it. Every little bit helps. I will continue to be here as I have for the last ten plus years. Bob would want it that way.

You can hit the Paypal Donate button on this site or if you prefer, send a check to me. Just let me know how you can help. Perhaps you can spread the word once A GURU IN THE GUEST ROOM comes out.

Love and thanks,


  1. Gail, thank you so much! I am working very hard to get A GURU IN THE GUEST ROOM out this fall. Tell Amber she needs to keep her little fingers crossed…


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