The Glass "I"

I am a point of contact with infinity as infinity. This is something that the world deftly avoids. Being in the world but not of it is a living truth. Playing the game of illusion comes with the package called body, mind and spirit. The triune game is on. Awakening is simply seeing through the glass of the game clearly.

One Comment

  1. Every time , break the glass ‘I’ . But break it soft and sober. Why soft? Because only by honouring the past, you find the real present. Why sober? So that you are not caught again in one of your creations, which is another ‘I’ . As a child, he dreamt of Nobel Prize , but later knew it was perfection he was after , and Nobel was just a jargon for it. Then, he read Emily Dickinson and found there are better levels of living than living in fame. Break the ‘I’ softly mind, but break it in a true and simple way. Do not verbalise.Do not imagine yourself standing in a ‘heroic’ position after the final break. No hero ever made it. A heroic fool sometimes. But many a time ,a nobody.


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