Summer Update

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed this summer so much. I was interviewed by Trip Overholt on Conversations With Avant-Garde Sages in June. John Troy, aka the Wizard, is the author of Wisdom’s Soft Whisper, and he and trip really do the show together. It is growing in popularity because the two of them are actually in conversation with the guests, rather than doing an all-out interview. It lends intimacy and immediacy. Trip bones up on each guest and doesn’t avoid asking the hard questions. You don’t mind because his energy is great and if he doesn’t ask them, someone else will. That’s what makes a good interviewer. In case you haven’t listened, there is a direct link to my interview on this very website. Check it out!

I am passionate about my book, so I was glad to get a chance to be heard on the radio. I am hard at work on my second book. The title is A GURU IN THE GUEST ROOM. It will be out sometime this fall. It’s in the hands of my editor now. Once he finishes it, I will then go back and reread it and work with him until I feel it’s ready to publish. I have sent it out to several people for review so their blurbs will be on the cover. That part is fun.

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