Join Me On Facebook

“Facebook connections are made on a higher plane than the mundane, in my opinion. They are essentially who we are if given free rein, free of the body/mind and it’s blah, blah, blah. Just my two cents.” Vicki Woodyard

I wrote those words in response to a Facebook friend who said, “I have friends here in facebook that I connect with more than “real” friends.”

Since I am a writer, I count on readers! Everything is connected and without readers, I would have no one to share my life with as the One. I am online every day all day. What if I had to travel to meet each one of you? If I had to book a motel and rent a car to say hello? It wouldn’t work.

It is easy to look back and remember the days of the old black telephone that had its own niche in the wall and there were party lines. Then came the Princess phone and colored phones. When I was a teenager, we had four extensions in our house and the kitchen phone was yellow and mine was white. White! I loved it. And my brother and I would have brutal fights about getting off the phone so the other one could use it.

And then came the cell phone. I resisted buying one for years and now have one for emergencies. Along came Caller I.D. and as Seinfeld says in a comedy bit, when the phone rings, everyone backs away from it! In the old days of innocence, one ran to the phone to see who could answer it first.

Then came Skype and people can see each other. Boy, do I resist that idea. I am much more comfortable being unseen. But Facebook is something that really, really calls to me. I use it more than my blog. I can see blogging become as obsolete as the old rotary phone. Why? Because on Facebook everyone is connected.

I love writing a fresh essay and throwing it out onto the dewy lawn of Facebook. My friends go out in their robes and pick it up, knowing I will start their day off in a good way. ( I hope).

As for reality, logically it was over last week. There are no more ladies wearing hats and drinking teas. No more men in their own clubs smoking stogies. We are all bathing in the Ganges of Facebook. How cool is that?

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