True Ink

Prayers of the heart are written in true ink. True tears become true ink when they are given over to the Supreme. I have cried so many tears that I have bottles and bottles of true ink. It comes in many colors, from red to black to gold to white. I use all of it, for that is how I discover myself and come to grace.

Every day now I write from the heart to the heart. There is no difference. The words issue forth from source and they are all good. Typos are accepted as well as perfect copy, for God knows that error is ultimately wiped away.

I write from what used to be a sense of loss and now is a sense of peace. What I have lost cannot be restored; it can be hallowed and connected to in a very real way. Those I love who have passed beyond the veil are reading everything that my heart writes.

Bob came to me in a dream and said, “Your prayers are written on the wall of my heart everyday.” True ink.  True ink. The ink of emptiness has become full.

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