It is time to stand up and be counted. You are one. Nothing could be simpler and more confusing. “If I am one, why do I feel so conflicted?” could be your next question. There is no answer to that but awareness.

It is time to say to questions, “Begone!” Curiosity killed the cat and earned Zen pupils a whack with the ugly stick. Does a dog have buddha nature? Does a pig oink? Does a nondualist parse? Just sit there in your self-unity. Don’t move a mental muscle.

Every morning I sit in meditation before having breakfast. If I questioned each flake of oatmeal and pondered how it could be one, I would just be a fool. The universe was named that for a reason. The whole kit and kaboodle is one.

The next time you are asked to stand up and be counted, be the first in line to Say One. The next person will say he is Two, but we know better, don’t we?




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