Venturing Into The Void

I have a new mirror hanging over my bookcase. It is a sunburst. In the center is a beveled mirror with many small mirrors radiating outward.  So strange how life works. Someone suggested that my next book should be about the sun.  And I thought “How strange is that!” Soon afterwards, the designer who is helping me spruce up my old house “found” an accent mirror she wanted to hang over my bookcase in the great room. It is a piece that I would not have selected for myself in a million years. I am very conservative and timid in my taste, both in dress and decor.

She is coming out today to help me select a fabric for my main chair, so I thought I better get the mirror hung. The man across the street was kind enough to pop in and hang it. So there it is, a splendiferous metaphor for the Self.

Too high to see one’s face in it, it hangs there as an image of emptiness, a radiation of the void. “Rest in the void. The void takes care of its own,” is a favorite phrase of mine.

Stay tuned for my next adventure into the void. Emptiness is fullness. Fullness is emptiness. (Warning: does not apply to dieting). Meditate on that at your own risk and without adding to your waistline. Hopefully, I can get my son to take a photo of the mirror soon. In the meantime, I rather like walking past a mirror that is too high to show my physical reflection.

Here is an image of the mirror.


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