The Still Point Agreement

Although I am a spiritual writer, I also feel that I am a spiritual healer in my essence. If you asked me how that worked, I would just have to say “I don’t know and I don’t have to know.”

As Vernon Howard said, “When you know that you don’t know, then you know.”

It is in that spirit that I am offering an invitation to anyone, no exceptions. If you would like for me to hold you at the still point for any reason whatsoever, just send me a message. Don’t say anything except, “Hold me at the still point.” It is best if I don’t know what your problem or intention is. That way it is God’s business and not mine.

This is not a gimmick because it is free. I have not done this before; perhaps the “why” of it will unfold over time. Most of you on the path know how difficult it is to be still and know that you are. I am well-constituted to do that. I have no job except listening to the voice of spirit and it doesn’t speak in words. I have to do the translation part as I sit at the keyboard.

If it doesn’t work out for you, just let me know and I will still keep you at the still point. Or if you prefer, return you to your prior state. That sounds very strange to me, just as it does to you. Or not.

Vicki Woodyard



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