My heart is a reliable instrument because God is the tuning fork. When my mind empties of thought, He is able to make music through me. I never know what the words will convey. I just allow myself to be used. Tonight seems to be about awakening to what is and forgetting what will never be.

Regret is resolutely put behind me so that I can awaken to my glory. I have planted my Morning Glory seeds and followed the instructions to take the strongest seedling and plant it. So far, so good. There are only about three leaves looking to the light at this point. If it flowers, it won’t have anything to do with thought.

The sun is totally true to its mission. It shines on the just and the unjust. Awareness is the same way. We are aware of how badly we fail when we turn to thoughts about God instead of to God Himself. And He is both within and without.

The music that God makes ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, from gut-bucket blues to the highest harmonies. We are His instruments and listen for His direction. Sometimes we hit notes that can only be called clinkers. I have sung so many sour notes I should have been thrown out of the choir, but something has made me persevere.

I once had a seven-year-old daughter who now sings and wings in the heavenly choir. She is the one with long brown wavy hair and one dimple in her cheek. Her name is Laurie and she must be sounding awfully sweet these days. I hear tell that one day we will be reunited. For now it is enough that God makes my words shape into essays that shape into illumination for some of you.

Hark the herald angels sing and some of them are singing to me. I pass the notes on to you.

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  1. It is fine to rise with the stars, observe still waters, take to old routes in this new fashion, attend meetings uninvited, take the front seat, hear old friends speak enthusiastically on silly things, leave unrecognised, embrace the smiling being of the gateman and find harmony.


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