Bean There, Done That

Writing about spirituality is as easy as falling off a log. Living consciously is a different matter. All of us are wired different genetically speaking and we get messed up in different ways. Unwinding the kinks in the machinery is an ongoing process. At the same time, no one ever existed. Don’t you love conundrums? I thought not.

I am not sure when God created paradox but it was early on. Since then, He has been swinging us like dead cats who think they have free will 🙂 Sorry, but humor figures largely in His Story as well.

I am glad that Easter is over. I cooked a good dinner and ate it alone. My son is in the kitchen now and will eat his soon. He worked today. I have dutifully eaten an entire chocolate bunny, having passed up some chocolate crosses with chocolate lilies on them. They all taste the same, no matter what persuasion you are. I have seen lovely chocolate buddhas as well. Religion can be just as fattening as anything else.

Most of you know what I am about. Pity I don’t. See, more humor on a sacred holiday. I watched The King’s Speech and enjoyed it so much. Thought Rush was as good or better than Firth. Anybody agree? There aren’t that many movies this good out there. I would say most of my Netflix picks are a disappointment.

Segueing into nonduality, I feel much the same about the plethora of online deliverers of awakening. There are too many; so many you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one (but I repeat myself.)

Have a chocolate bunny. It’ll look good on you. Tomorrow is The Day After Easter Candy Sale Everywhere. No discrimination. It’s all half off and you’d have to be half-crazy not to pick up a few dozen  (chocolate) ears.

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