Sacred Space

“It is for you to discover the sacred place inside yourself and when you find that, that
is the end of your desperate search here on earth.”  ~Vernon Howard

This is a sentence from Vernon Howard. It speaks to the need we all have to find a place of safety, a place where we cannot be hurt. We do not have to circumnambulate Arunachala or make a pilgrimage to an outer location.

What is the alternative?

Invert your mind to find out. Bring the focus into your heart and breathe.

There it is. The sun is rising inside the sacred space of the Self. You are the sun. You are the Self.

You may rise and go out into this mirrored reality. Who knows? The tao flows in all directions once it is located inwardly.

One Comment

  1. Today I had been to a sacred place.There was sea.The waves were tossing against the shore.I had come here many times.But today it was very different.The rule seems to be very simple.You give,give what is not truly yours till what is truly yours comes back to you in precision.


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