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All of you should have ordered my book by now, either from amazon or booklocker.com. If not, please consider ordering it. I wrote it from my heart and just read something from a book called Einstein’s God, by Krista Tippett. She is interviewing Sherwin Nuland about his book, How We Die. He says, “Do you know what I learned from writing that book, if I learned nothing else? The more personal you are willing to be, and the more intimate you are willing to be about the details of your own life, the more universal you are.”

LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT is my own intimate look into how it feels to be on the path and be caring for someone who is dying. Do you dare to read it? If I could dare to write it, maybe you would discover your own fears and loves as I stumbled through mine. Also, every sale helps me offset the costs of publication. I am one woman in a world of a billion books. Every now and then I need to ask people to buy it. No one yet has said they were sorry they did.

From an amazon.com review by hbarrett:

“She accomplishes with beauty what so many spiritual writers fail to do — describe awakening as it occurs in ordinary life. In her case, the ordinary life includes caring for her very ill husband, Bob, at the same time that she maintains an uncompromising look at the movement of her own spirit. There is no question that the message in Vicki’s book is that ordinary life is IT!”

Consider ordering a copy or make a small donation to the site so it may continue on. This is a labor of love but the occasional donation is greatly appreciated.

Send me a message on the comments page if you would like to order a signed copy. You  may also order from amazon.com or booklocker.com if you should prefer an ebook for your Kindle, etc. Let’s make LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT an underground bestseller.

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