There is a groundswell occurring on Facebook, a movement away from the neoadvaita trend that has taken such deep root online. It is not enough for some of us, doesn’t go deep enough, doesn’t hit us where we live. I have sat beside my young daughter as she died and also my husband. Intellectual interpretations of “I am” do not rock my world. Enough is enough.

So I left the Yahoo lists after being pilloried for speaking my truth. The objection was that I spoke my emotions, revealed my heart, my flaws and skewed sense of humor. Now here some of us are gathering in this groundswell of unity that has nothing to do with organized neo-anything.

It disturbs me that there are beginning to be “famous people” traveling the satsang circle. My teacher was a rough and tumble guy who took no prisoners. Maybe that is why when I attended a satsang with Gangaji back in the nineties, I felt nothing, absolutely nothing. Too many people wearing white and told to observe silence.

Why am I risking myself in this way? Because a groundswell can’t be stopped. No more teachers satsanging around with students. We are all students. There is no instant “I got it and now I can teach it.” Papaji knew that. Krishnamurti knew people didn’t “got it” and so did my teacher, Vernon Howard. Put that in your hookah and smoke it.

Those of us in this groundswell are running on the milk of human kindness peppered with the spice of insight. Um, um, good.


  1. Milk & pepper. Sounds good to me. And yes, I did say “me.” As at least one well-known teacher has said, “It’s all God in drag.” God with a flashy-sequined brain, God with a soft & fuzzy heart. Or both. It’s all One. It’s all good. Or not good. Who’s to say? Not “me.”

    I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.


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