Medicine Woman

My writing is that of a medicine woman. I give you what you need to heal. Sometimes it is bitter and sometimes sweet. I give the dosages intuitively, as any good medicine woman does. I am open to the source of healing and I let the words tumble from the specific bottle that is needed. If you are wondering why I am writing this, so am I. “I flow as I am directed,” as a wise sage once said.

Today I am opening up, not a can of whup-ass but a bottle of healing wisdom. Stand up to the world. Say NO, a thousand times NO. The spiritual path is about coming out from among them, about leaving everything that would hold you back from conscious love. Family ties are made of unconscious love and that is why at some point you must separate from the herd.  At first there will be hardships and tests. Walk on. Then there will arise cataclysmic storms that make you vomit over the side of the boat. Cling to NO.

NO, I am not going along with my self-created misery for another second longer. NO, I am not going to paper over my feelings just to save YOU from  harm. Enough is enough. I am walking with what I know to be true. How do I know? By intuition, by scanning my body and feeling what is arising there.  There have been too many weak yeses and not nearly enough NO’s.

I was raised to be a people pleaser. After Vernon Howard’s death he came to me in a dream. He said, “Don’t be so accommodating. Act a little tough.” And compassion is to be tough on what is not compassionate. That sentence also came from him. I learned that dosing the soul is sometimes necessary. Sometimes you have to say drastic things to save someone.

I have walked through fire for years. I finally learned to apply the sweet salve of NO to my aching soul. A NO to the world is a yes for oneself, for the God within that is your salvation. No true teacher offers a steady stream of indigestible pap. They heal you by cutting out the fear and pain and that requires a NO to what is killing you.

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