A Candle of Grace

I had lunch today at Cancer Wellness. It was a Celtic Feast and the chef had spent time in Ireland. A breast cancer survivor herself, she has written a cookbook and donates a percentage of each sale to CW. We sat down to the most amazing meal. Irish Pub Salad, Shepherd’s Pie, Bubble and Squeak and a fantastic apple pie with creme fraiche and strawberries for dessert. Then one of the facilitators talked a bit about Celtic wisdom. At the end we all wrote little pieces inspired by the class. Of course, I was the first one up to read; I am somewhat of a ham in that small milieu. It was a lovely spring day here in Atlanta. I came home so glad to be a part of that amazing community.

So the days and nights of living with a cancer patient grow further and further behind me.What survives is the spirit of all those who have been touched by its dark hand. Those who choose to be part of a cancer community have much to give. A renewed interest in their own spiritual path and the immediate recognition of what helps and what hurts. I find that what helps is focusing on one’s inner growth and leaving social pressure behind forever. I spoke to a social worker in Bob’s old doctor’s office. I told her I had been advised to share a few copies of LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT with local hospices. We’ll see what happens there; I have no idea.

I would love to sell you a signed copy of LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT. It was written in tears and bathed in grace. How can you resist? Writing and being with cancer survivors keeps me honest. Not for me the the satsang group with its intoning of “I am that.” It is a true statement, but I have lived through the dark night of the soul and am here to testify. Not in blanket statements but in wisdom doled out one tear at a time. The light of true love is blinding, so the darkness can only hang around so long.

Send me an email if you would like to order a copy. As you know, one copy at a time is how I sell them! If you can donate to the site, that is a great help as well.

Jerry Katz, author of One and the owner of nonduality.com, had this to say about my book:

“No other nonduality book has the texture, the quality of writing, the points of focus as Life With A Hole In It. It is an extremely worthwhile addition to one’s nonduality education.” That is high praise for someone who has reviewed as many books on nonduality as he has.

All in all, the reviews speak for the book. If you want honesty, tears and laughter in one small book, you got it! If you already have it, help spread the word. This small writer is looking for an audience.

Comments welcomed....