The Land Between Two Thoughts

God has a tract of land called Between Two Thoughts. It might as well be Eden. It is up to each one of us to travel there and discover its wonders for ourselves. We cannot stay long at first. Some mysterious force catapults us back into thought and while there we know nothing of  it. We live our conflicted, divided lives in great unconscious pain. All the  while the land awaits our return.

After hours or years of suffering, we may remember the the Land Between Two Thoughts. We return and give thanks that we were able to return. And then we leave. Again and again. This is the inner journey we are called to make. Some of us carry trace memories of it and read books and chant mantras to help get us back there now and again. Few move there permanently.

Orators set up pulpits proclaiming the existence of this land where thought is naught. Some even verified it.

Creeds arose around these verifiers and people began to follow the creeds and forget the journey.

The land itself lays no claim to anything. Some people return from the land, bringing precious seeds. They plant these wherever they can and sometimes they bear fruit and sometimes not.

There is a great secret carried by this land. You cannot think about it. You must become it.

A friend said this essay put him in mind of Traherne. I was not familiar with him but the first thing I read of his took me aback:

An empty book is like an infant’s soul, in which anything may be

written. It is capable of all things, but containeth nothing. I have a

mind to fill this with profitable wonders. And since Love made you put

it into my hands I will fill it with those Truths you love without

knowing them: with those things which, if it be possible, shall shew my

Love; to you in communicating most enriching Truths: to Truth in

exalting her beauties in such a Soul.”

—Thomas Traherne


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