The New Year’s blank slate is now available for us all to write on. Few will let spirit do the writing as they follow along. Who wants to do that? For spirit would have us do only what brings us joy and we are unfamiliar with joy as a freedom. I am not talking about egocentric joy but about the joy that cannot be owned or controlled by said ego.

My body is tired this time of year. My mind is grumbling about the woes of holidays crammed with commercialism. But my spirit is now writing these words and knows what it is about. All I have to do is let my fingers do the talking.

These fingers are connected to the spirit bone; now hear the word of the Lord. I can say that because Vicki can’t buy a clue as to what her real purpose is. So she sits at the keyboard doing what she does best—letting words arise. If she is lucky, they will hit the mark.

I hope you come along for the ride here at nondualitynow. Perhaps you will see yourself in these pages for spirit speaks to spirit. Perhaps you will see yourself in my failures and weaknesses as well as in my desire to be used by a higher force than myself.

I wish you godspeed traveling both the super highway of the internet and of the spirit. The joy is in the journey; the fruits of the spirit are falling off the Tree of Life. Let 2011 be a garden of harvest for us all.

Comments welcomed....