I have a few books at my house just waiting to be autographed and mailed to you ASAP. The cost is $20.00. Just email me your snail mail address and it will be speeding on its way to you.  There’s nothing like a first edition with a signature, ay? But seriously, this book is flying off the shelves of my mind. Don’t count on there being one left for you 😉 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to email the author personally. Double 🙂 🙂 Oh, yeah, it’s worth it. Ask Jerry Katz or Scott Kiloby, to namedrop a bit.

And if you don’t want one of my autographed copies, don’t tell me you even read this. It might hurt my feelings. And that would keep me from writing another book. And you wouldn’t want that kind of karma 🙂

Happy Holidays,


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