Your Flight On Nonduality Air

Hello, Everyone,

This is your flight captain speaking to you from wherever they speak to you from! Trust me—the food on this leg of your trip will be lip-smackin’ good. The writer (that would be me), is capable of launching you into a new nondual experience. You will be aware of yourself in a new way, but this cannot be described. If I had to use one word, I would say “spontaneously rewarding,” for that is how I write. Off the cuff, straight from the hip, brass tacks and truth guaranteed. I calls ‘em like I sees’ em.

Perhaps you want to know what nonduality is. Ask yourself who you are, really, and you will get a taste of it. A conscious culinary pleasure.

I would like to get some input on how the flight is going for you. I have complimentary blankets, earphones and cornpone. Free coffee, tea or me, your captain. I have no idea what they call female pilots. I guess they call ‘em pilots.

I have been known to mix a mean Realitini….that would be a cocktail of wisdom, craziness and honesty. You won’t be disappointed. Each time I post a new piece, may you go along for the ride. This is nonduality up close and personal. Please take off your shoes and leave a comment before you depart the plane.

And thank you for flying Nonduality Air today. Book us again often. Frequent flier miles are available and the pilot has a new book out. The title is LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT: That’s How The Light Gets In. You can get a copy by reaching over to the right side of your plane or overhead and click on the appropriate link. Word on the street is that it is a-mazing and that puts me on Cloud Nine.


  1. Yes, they are called the Harding Headless Sets. You arrive without going anywhere. As for Frequent Flyer Points, they are pointless.


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