Simple Joys

Last night I was with my women’s group, Mary & Martha’ s Place, for their fundraising event. Everyone looked wonderful, like walking palettes of art made into clothing. There was wonderful food and an artists’ market in which to indulge the senses. I bought four things. A wonderful little painting with a recycled eyeglass in the center. It says, “Keep Seeking.” On the old lens is painted a little white bird with a heart drawn in its chest. There is a leaf at each corner of the painting and two trees bearing salmon-colored leaves on the side.

The second item I bought is a handmade cloth cross that is eight inches long. It is wrapped in a variety of cloth, the overall color of the cross consisting of salmon, orange and yellow. The third item is a small handmade doll. She has brown hair, black eyes and tan skin. She wears a felted orange top and a skirt made of yellow, aqua and green.  I also bought a handmade bar of soap called Buffalo Bird Woman. It is blended with blue corn, sage and cedar. I love all of these handmade beauties.

The  little doll embodies my own creative spirit. She has a sweet red yarn smile and two shiny black bead eyes.  She is expecting miracles.

There are many ways to feed the spirit. The theme of the evening was Risk Living The Creative Life. I have been doing that for years now and it only gets better with time.

I hope you come to love reading my blog. It is a labor of love for me, always. The spirit that moves within me cherishes the small— like little dolls and crosses and bars of handmade soap.  The mind has its uses, but the child within had rather play. I have cried enough tears; it is good to make room for simple joys again.


  1. That is a great idea, Gail. I’ll get my son to take a picture of her and post it. I have loved reading about Amber so much. Maybe my little doll deserves a name, too. And deserves to get into some trouble. Perhaps Amber could lead her astray 😉 in a good way.


  2. i’m reading through your posts, one by one, and cherishing teh reflection of my aspiration. To dare to write so honestly. With such transparency.

    I like this line: “I have cried enough tears; it is good to make room for simple joys again.” It reminded me of the time I met my husband and went on holiday with him to meet his family after 2 years of what felt like hell being a single mother. We I told my mom that he (my now-husband) and his family were so funny and making me laugh for hours, she just said “well you’ve had enough tears”. What a blessing it felt like.


  3. He said- If I say, you come back to simple things ,now, you won’t.Even if you come ,you will come without vigour. So I tell you to go back to all that is attainable in this world, and then come back to simple things. I said- Master, if I am eternally lost on the way- ?
    He said- Will that ever happen? I will strike you in the middle. P.S:-That is how one knows the meaning of ‘Destiny’.


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