The Truth Of Life

So this is the new website. Nurturing the Now has become Nonduality Now, but the meaning is the same. And it’s still me pecking away at the Mac, albeit a brand new hard drive soon to be filled up. Just like an empty stomach; it won’t take long to get some weight back on it.

Publishing the book is a new beginning for me. The old site was up almost ten years and was growing top-heavy. The new one is lighter and comments are welcome, although not necessary. I was telling someone that I have not been recording for a while. That may change if the interest is there.

The truth of life is what I write about, which includes seeing the false. Both sides of the opposites are called into play as we go about our lives. This morning I went to a Qi Gong session, something I have done only once before. It was like a physical meditation, silence portrayed in movement, awareness in the muscles and a quiet mind.

Then as I drove out of the parking lot, traffic was stopped for an accident. You could feel the tension in the air as the tao of the event tied up traffic and seemingly prevented flow. At first I was  tense, and then I remembered that it was, after all, an accident; then I sent white light to everyone and breathed a little deeper.

The little book is working its way into various and sundry hearts here and there. I hope you will consider buying a copy if you haven’t already. You can get it on amazon or if you prefer, an ebook on Should you desire a signed copy, I can do that too. Just send me an email and I’ll get right on it.

See you next week,


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