Running Free

Oct. 28, 2010

I write what I like. This blog is unformed as yet. When I finally saw my book into publication, I was rebirthed in the most amazing way. I had been planning on a new website for a while, but it happened suddenly. I lost my hard drive and everything on it. I found three snakeskins at my door in a two month period. I knew I was coming out of a long winter’s nap. Stretch and yawn and here I am.

I am an author now. The writer formerly known as Vicki is now Vicki Woodyard, author of LIFE WITH A  HOLE IN IT. I feel whole. As if writing had been unleashed and was running free on the dog beach and I was cavorting in the waves.

So I can’t tell you what to expect here. I called the website Nonduality Now because that is akin to Nurturing the Now, the name of the old site. There I had piled up ten years of writing and recording. All gone. I don’t feel the need to record now. Maybe later.  Let me know if you miss it.

What I want is to have a space for my writing to arise. This is it.

Comments welcomed....