A Touchstone

Vernon Howard said something so stupendous that it has taken me a lifetime to realize just how powerful one small sentence can be. As he used to say, “Take a truth and relax in front of it.” And so I pass this sentence on to you, as I have before. It has become a touchstone for me…a tool to recover my spiritual energy. Are you ready:

“Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems.”

Yes, I have quoted this before. But I want you to do with it what I have. Let it resonate, let it resound as a clarion call. It will gather you up in its arms and rock you in its rhythm. Why? Because we spend our lives giving good energy away because we are asleep dreaming we are awake. In dreams we give way to wrongnesses both within and without. The pharisee within us is alive and well as we wend our way through wrongness. Trying to impress, striving to attain, bowing to what is beneath us. Only truth can set us straight again.

When my hard drive crashed and I lost all my material, I was devastated. I paid the price in physical and emotional fatigue. So I sat with that statement again and again. And now everything is falling into place as it falls apart again and again. We will never be perfect unless it is with the perfection of awareness that bears no name or form.


  1. There is a law and that law is the touchstone. Nobody had opposed this law and succeeded.All the teachings of men are puerile before it.The law takes the shape of ally and foe and tests you in a recurring flow of affairs.By abiding it there is great fulfilment.You know you never lost freedom.In fact ,you are freed.The law is the only touchstone.


  2. The law woke me up in the morning.It gave me food and silence. It is not the law of man.So to call it a law would be to severely underestimate it.Is it love? Sure,it is not the love of man. Much of the law was given to the prophets according to their power of reception and their intimacy to the spirit of it .Some others discarded all external discipline and tried to get it by awareness, a sort of knowing of the present moment.Whether they knew it or not is a personal secret.But,surely it is the law that makes the sun and stars shine and makes the ocean stand still at the shore.Tragedies happen when we lose touch with this law.Life seems to grow when we are one with it.Even masters are not exempted from its blessings and curse.To less speak about it is better.So what is this law?


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